Auckland Islands

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The Auckland Islands is a group of 4 main volcanic island and several islets in the southwest Pacific Ocean.
In the area there are the following habitats: sea area, islands, islets, cliffs, sandy beaches, streams, tussocks grasslands, areas with megaherbs (large leaves and flowers herbs only found in the Subantarctics), and forests.

Ornithological importance

In this area there is a record of 46 breeding species, of which 3 are endemic: Auckland Islands Teal (Anas aucklandica), Auckland Islands Rail (Lewinia muelleri) e o Auckland Islands Shag (Phalacrocorax colensoi) and 4 are endemic subspecies of the Australasian Pipit (Anthus novaeseelandiae), do New Zealand Snipe (Coenocorypha aucklandica), Tomtit (Petroica macrocephala), Double-banded Plover (Charadrius bicinctus). There are also important colonies of seabirds, such as the Sooty Shearwater (Puffinus griseus), Northern Giant-petrel (Macronectes halli), White-headed Petrel (Pterodroma lessonii), Common Diving-petrel (Pelecanoides urinatrix), Grey-backed Storm-petrel (Garrodia nereis), White-faced Storm-petrel (Pelagodroma marina), Black-bellied Storm-petrel (Fregetta tropica) e o Antarctic Prion (Pachyptila desolata).

Geographic information

-50.748135°, 166.076932°


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  • Nature Reserve
    • Auckland Islands Nature Reserve
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