White-faced Storm-petrel

Pelagodroma marina (Latham, 1790)


Pelagic species with a very large population (actual number in the order of a few million individuals) and has an extremely large distribution area.
Migratory species, nesting in some of the Atlantic islands, mainly in Macaronesia and in islands and shores of the South Pacific, mainly in burrows on extensive sandy beaches and dunes with low vegetation and wintering at sea in the Atlantic, north eastern Indian Ocean, south western and central eastern Pacific.
The trend in the evolution of the global population is apparently a decreasing one.

Global conservation status

Least concern (IUCN ver. 3.1, 2010)
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Common names

  • White-faced Storm-petrel


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It nests in some Atlantic islands, mainly in Macaronesia, but also in the South Atlantic (Tristan da Cunha) and islands and shores of the South Pacific (coasts of Australia and New Zealand), mainly in burrows on extended sandy beaches and dunes with undergrowth vegetation.
It winters at sea in the Atlantic, north eastern Indian, south west and central eastern Pacific.


It feeds mainly on crustaceans and small fish as well as squids.


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